About the 4-H Program

4-H is the only youth program which combines County Government, and the United States Department of Agriculture as a support base. The program is family oriented, volunteer operated, and primarily participatory learning. The Sarasota County 4-H Foundation, Inc., provides financial resources to promote the 4-H programs and activities on the local level. The Sarasota County Foundation, Inc. members represent a cross section of residents from many professions, industries, labor groups, and retirees who are interested in the education and welfare of our community’s youth. Sarasota County’s 4-H programs and services are offered without regard to race, color, sex, age, disability, or national origin.

The 4-H Program enhances diverse, enjoyable research-based educational experiences through leadership, citizenship, teamwork, and hands-on learning opportunities. 4-H facilitates the development of the whole person by meeting the diverse needs of individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds to build strong and productive global citizens.

Foundation Funded 4-H Activities, Programs and Events:

School EnrichHands on Learningment :

  • Tropicana Public Speaking
  • Radish Program
  • Marine Science


  • Jr. Congress
  • District Events
  • Congress
  • Legislature
  • Washington Focus
  • National 4-H Congress
  • Senior Scholarships


Awards and Recognition Night:

  • Medals, Pins, Ribbons
  • Leader of the Year
  • I Dare You Award

Camps:Kids at 4-H Camp

  • Camp Cloverleaf
  • Marine Camp
  • Dairy Camp
  • Shooting Sports Camp
  • Horse Camp

Judging Teams:

  • Marine Science
  • Livestock
  • Horticulture