Fair Animals

Each year there is an opportunity for a 4-H member to raise a 4-H Foundation project steer or swine for the fair show and sale. The member must fill out an application which will be reviewed by the Foundation Livestock Project Committee and then be interviewed with their parent or guardian. Applications must be received by the due date for each project animal. Preference will be given to those 4-H members showing leadership, responsibility and past service to the Foundation.

The selected 4-her will be provided an animal for the project. Project housing must be approved by the committee and the project will be monitored by 4-H advisors and the committee. Feed and vet bills are the responsibility of the Foundation. The 4-Her supplies all necessary grooming items, buckets, training and showing equipment necessary for the project. The net proceeds from the auction and add-ons for the project animal are then split between the 4-H member and the Foundation.

Donations of project animals and add-ons at the time of sale are greatly appreciated. These projects directly benefit the youth showing the animal as well as the 4-H program as a whole.